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Playlist samstag, 04.05.

Samstag 4.5.19


DJ Crustus

Bolt Thrower – realm of chaos
nile – chapter for transforming into a snake
origin – diseasa called man
dying fetus – pissing in the mainstream
cephalic carnage – observer to the obliteration of the planet earth
incantation – sempiternal pandemonium
death – pull the plug 
cannibal corpse – shredded humans
ahumado granujo – cunt slime
anal cunt – stayin ali9ve
cliteater – the positiv aspect of collective
napalm death as the machine rolls on
exhumed – decrepit crescendo
nasum – old and tired
neurosis – from where its roots run 
the dillinger escape plan – the running road
today is the day – sadness will prevail
coalesce what happens on the road always comes home
deceased – a verry familliar stranger
amorphis – northern lights
soilent green – it was just an accident
burnt by the sun – you will move
luddite clone – athropod


pig destroyer – delusional 
agoraphobic nosebleed – ceramic godprodukt
– organ donor
regurigate – parade of the decapitated midgets
vile – path to incineration
exhumed – open the abcess
moritican – chainsaw dismemberment
nasum – the system has failed again
bongzilla – gestation
the dillinger escape – the mullet burden
today is the day – the man who loves to hurt himself
brutal truth – pass some down
mortician gouse by the cemetary
blood duster – ihategirlsandcrustypunx
human remains – chewed up and spit out
disrupt – religion is a fraud
phobia – sickening discretion
flesh parade – coping with it
anal cunt – radio hit
general surgery – crimson conserto
suffocation -infecting the crypts


exit-13 – societally provoked genocidal contemplation
disembowlement – excoriate

DJ Don Hugo Armani

Cocaine piss – average romance

disfear – maps of war
Wolfbrigade – comalive
Fredag den 13:e – paria
Lautsrürmer – i want you
Nuclear deavastation – baptised in hellfire
Maruta – devoid of allegiance
Napalm death polluted minds
Keitzer – as the world burns
Afgrund – a future europe in flames
Extreme noise terror – bullshit propaganda
Leng tcg’e – another hit single
Nashgul – la plaga
haemorrhage – oozing molten gristle
Rotten sound – targets
unholy grave – waves of death
Aborted – nailed through her cunt
Bacteremia – assertive prototypes of war
Nuclear vomit – vomitophobia
Razor Rape – castration by children
Dying fetus – grotesque impalement
Playmobil – Piratenschiff


CBT – enema bulldozer
Captain cleanoff – adidas
Jig-ai – samurai gay party
Last days of humanity- Hacked into red mush
gut – cuntshredder
Stoma – feasting on a vegan cadaver
Hemdale – tribute to anal cunt because we think they’re cool
Anal Cunt – I Got An Office Job For The Sole Purpose Of Sexually Harassing Women
Anaal natthrakh – more of fire than blood
Wiegedood – svanesang
Mgla – Groza I
Mayhem – my death
Martyrdöd – klassfienden
Cloud rat – daisies
Lautstürmer – freizeitstress
Melt banana – red data, red stage
Vital remains – at war with god


DJ Dominator

Fuck You All!!!

Skinless – The Optimist
Crytopsy – Open Face Surgery
Devourment – Fed To The Pigs
Defeated Sanity – Consumed By Repugnance
Gorgoroth – Aneuthasia
Burzum – Belus Död
Nargaroth – Black Metal Ist Krieg
Werbung – Hier könnte Ihr Song Stehen
Mayhem – Freezing Moon
Verdunkeln – Der Quell
Marduk – Panzer Division
Bathory – Baptised In Fire And Ice

– Shortest Playlist This Evening – 

– Fuck You All!!! – 

Impaled Nazrene – Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Marduk – Panzer Division Marduk
Desaster – Teutonic Steel
Terrorazor – The Fouling
Wolfbrigadfe – Web Of Lies
Fredag Den 13:e – Mera Gift
Archgoat – Nuns, Cunts & Darkness
Martyrdöd – Skakar Av Skräck
Crude Ss – Vad Jäger Och Vad Du Gör
Disrupted – Trapped
Organ Dealer – An Ending
Righteous Pigs – I Hope You Die In A Hotel Fire
Satan’s Revenge On Mankind – We Come To Eat You
Sewn Shut – Rerduced To Nothing
Kill The Client – Christian Pipebomb
Agathocles – A For Arrogance
Mörser – Hohe Schule
Impetigo – Boneyard
Gadget – Choice Of A Lost Generation
Blood – Dogmatize
Unholy Grave – Free From Fear
Last Days Of Humanity – Equal Pleasures In The Realms Of Dehumanisation
Repulsion – Acid Bath
Nails – I Will Not Follow
Nasum – The Final Sleep
Afflictive Emasculation – Cognito Fit Chaos

Playlist Samstag, 27.04.

Hass auf the Ahnen – Das Antipaganspecial zum Ragnarök

DreisterneDJ Popov

the dillinger escape plan – 43% burnt
the dillinger escape plane – jim fear
starring janet leigh – wrath
exit 13 – societally provoked genocidal contemplation
maruta – behind the steel curtain
poppy seed grinder – unmenagible of consequences
the facaeless – xenochrist
dödheimsgard – shiva-interfere
sudden infant – hold me
thorns – stellar master elite
satyricon – fuel for hatred
fukpig – as the bombs fall
anaal nathrakh – between shit and piss we are born
deicide – serpents of the light
bloodbath – outnumbering the day
dying fetus – grotesque impalement
cannibal corpse – sarcophagic frenzy
devourment – babykiller
gutalax – robocock
spasm – miss piss junior
asphyx – the rack
morbid angel – chapel of ghouls
vulvodyna – psychosadistic design
katalepsy – cold flesh citadel
fit for an autopsy – black mammoth 
whitechapel – elitist ones
angel maker – a dark omen
chamber of malice – 028 hate
rings of saturn – sensless massacre
debauchery – horrors of war
shining – i och med insijt skall dv forga
naglfar – of gorgons spawned through witchcraft
sonne adam – we who worship th black
mantar – white nights
septic flesh – sunlight / moonlight
carpathian forrest – he’s turning blue
dark fortress – pilgrim of the nighly spheres
darkthrone – cromlech
lord belial – death cult era
necrophobic – spawned by evil
autopsy – ridden with desease 
unanimated – die alone
edge of sanaty – blood-colored
deicide – dead by dawn
vomitory – when silence conquers 

DJ Match Box

undergang – inhentet af doden
bolt thrower – realm of chaos
Morbid angel – lord of all fevers & plague
jungle rot – gore bag
carcass – corporal jigsaw quandary
terrorizer – world downfall
dismember – of fire
amorphis – drowned maid
dimmu borgir – alt lys er svunnet hen
Falkenbach – heathenpride
aaskereia – aaskereia
nargaroth – abschiedsbrief des pormetheus
blacklodge – industrial temple mystica
genocide – blasphemy 
nattfog – path of the white wolves
imperium dekadenz – a million moons
cradle of filth – the forest whispers my name 
gorgoroth – gorgoroth
coldworld – red snow
lifelover – androider
imperium dekadenz – a million moons
cyanide – zwillingsmord
summoning – nightshade forests
dark fortress – self mutilation
nattfog – mieleni mustissa merissa
kirchenbrand – amok
1349 – pitch black

Axel Party am 03.05.19

Servus New Force-Community,

leider ist es auf Grund eines Systemfehlers zur Zeit ncith möglich, Veranstaltungen zu erstellen oder zu ändern.

Deswegen findet ihr auch keine Axelparty im ersten Halbjahr.

Seid aber unbesorgt, natürlich findet sie dieses Halbjahr noch statt, wenn auch etwas später.

Der Axel gibt sich am 03.05. die Ehre und wird euch mit gewohnt guter Musik begeistern.

Bis dahin, habt noch ein wenig Geduld.


Domi & das New Force-Team

Grinddonnerstag auf Corefreitag, 18.04.19

DJ Crustus

Napalm Death – You Suffer
Axis of despair – a life of ceaseless grind 
Afgrund – Löneslavar sla tillbaka
Chepang – pakheta 
The arson project – buried in concrete
Rotten Cold – C.O.P. 
Teethgrinder – desolation
Slund – serenitiy now 
Ulerrhoea – righetous asshole 
Whoresnation – starving campaign
Repulsion – slaughter of the innocent
Napalm death – c.s.
Brutal truth – stench of profit
Carcass – regurgitation of giblets
Haemorrhage – feasting on purulence 
Razorrape – tripple cock butfuck 
Blood – amputation
Code error – II
Feastem – music for the masses
Trigger – individual
Antigama – reward or punishment
Gridlink – the last raven
Ona snop – bottom feeder
Transient – antipositivism
Meth leppard – krokodil dundee
PLF – Odious Demagoguery
Insect warfare – manipulator
Nasum – i hate people
Rotten sound – obey
Phobia – continue insane
Mastic scum – deaf, dumb & blind 
Keitzer – exist to destroy
Mörser – kirchgang
Death toll 80k – taught to consume
Discordance axis – radiant arkham
The Drip – mother of all bastards
Full of hell – branches of yew
ACxDC – milk was a bad choice
F.I.D. – copy cat
Gadget – enemies of no reason
Kill the client – cleptocracy
Agoraphobic nosebleed – timelord one 
Maruta – hope smasher 


Wormrot – born stupid
Anal trump:
– You Gotta Treat Em Like Shit 
– PTSD Is Gay 
– Some Mexicans Aren’t Rapists 
– I Like the Soldiers Who DON’T Get Captured 
– My Daughter Is a Piece of Ass 
– Poor People Are Too Stupid to Get a Loan from Their Parents 
– There’s My African American! 
– Blood Coming Out of Her Wherever 
– Mexican Judges Don’t Count 
– Journalism Is Gay 
– I’d Date My Daughter 
– Grab Em By the Pussy 
– Take His Coat 
– Breast Feeding Is Gay 
– Ted Nugent Is Cool 
– Dave Mustaine Is Cool 
– Donald Trump Tower Has the Best Taco Bowls 
– Poll Watcher 
– Some Things Saddam Hussein Did Well 
– Changing Diapers Is Gay 
– Build That Wall 
– Alex Jones Is Smart 
– I’m In Astonishingly Excellent Health 
– Stay In Your Pens 
– 9/11 Was Inconvenient for Me, Personally 
– Make America Great Again 
– Nobody Respects Women More Than Me 
– Harriet Tubman Is, Like, a 3 
– I Demand An Apology! 
– That Makes Me Smart! 
Terrorazor – black ash
Terrorizer – enslaved by propaganda

DJ Don Hugo Armani

Satnic malfuntions – them
Nuclear devastation – baptised in hellfire
Dispyt – total alkoholist
wolfbrigade – kallocain
Cocaine piss – this is no fashion show
Melt banana – lie lied lies
Nasum – wrath
Caca der luna – parasit
The arson project – hail armageddon
Strafpalnet – freizeitstress
Urianl tribunal – Konsumsklve/Zirkusaffe
Rompeprop – vaginal luftwaffe
C.B.T. – enema bulldozer
Poppy Seed Grinder – The Unmenagible Of Consequeces
isaacarum – arts of farts
Martyrdöd – antagonisten
Disfear – maps of war
V is for violence – v is for violence
wreck – unanswered
power chuck – depression song #69
MooM – ze lo haim
The worst bands in the hgistory of music
-Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes cover) 
-Charles Manson was a good guy
-I ran over your dog because he is a fucking cunt that likes to piss in my yard
-Bill Cosby is raping men in prison
-Haha you have a small penis
-Why the hell are you listening to are music


arno x dübel – infiltration
unborn generation – entitlement of war
Zeus! – collon hell
Speed! Noise! Hell! – picnic
teething – you live a life you don’t like
Vitamin X – abaout the crack
Lautsrürmer – from firsat breath
Rabid dogs – shoor me
Ingnested – skinned and fucked
Birdflesh – hugged to death
Leng Tch’e – missleading innuendos
Looking for an answer – la matanza
nashgul – la plaga
F.u.b.a.r – i scream protest

Keitzer – panzersohn

DJ Dominator
Repulsion – Festering Boils
Napalm Death – Unchallenged Hate
Amoclen – Beclomet
Agathocles – Wasted Words
Organ Dealer – An Ending
Impetigo – Boneyard
Sewn Shut – The Butcheting
Nails Scum Will Rise
Blood – Dogmatize
Pig Destroyer – Verminess
Blockheads – Hiden Terrors
Anal Cnut – I Lit Your Baby On Fire
Extermination Dismemberment – Maggots
Dead – Yopung, Free And Shameless
Blockheads – Hidden Terros
Lymphatic Phlegm – Chronic Teritiary … … .. … .. (.. Elephants,,,)
Ahumado Granujoi – Cunt Slime
Last Days Of Humaoity – Infinitive Putrefaction In Progress
Gutalax – Anal Error
Jig-Ai – Geisha Sucks European Cocks
Disrupt – The Rest
Magrudergrind – The Opportunist
Disrtupt – A Life’s A Life
Birdflesh – The Lawnmover
Crippiling Bastard – Lapide Rimossa
Nucleasr Vomit – Plinik W Sromie
Sperm Of Mankind – Asthmatic Dragon
Gutalax – Toi Toi Story
Terrorizer – Ripped To Shreds
Busuk – Self Profit Purpose
Sordo – No HXD Dance
Kill The Client – Retaliate
Wormrot – Dis-Appointing
Gadget – H5N1
Blood – Kadath
Test – Androides
Trigger – Silence Sucks
Extreme Noise terror – Jesus On My Side
Tools Of The Trade – Fake
666 Shades Of Shit – Chix With Dix
Blackmail – The Guy Fawkes Day
Wolfbrigade – Skulls Of Doom
Martyrdöd – nördkanal

Samstag, 13.04.19

DJ Ginger


Totalt Jävla Mörker – Rasist i uniform 
Digital Dödsmaskin – Dart 
Anatomi-71 – Samhällsbärarna 
Sprängd – Blinkande lyktor 
Massgrav – Spräckt skita i piketen 
Human Waste – Res dig mot överheten 
– Polisstat/Snuthat 
disfear – get it off
unborn generation – termninal
skitsystem – svarta tankar
doom – exploitation
napalm death – unchallenged hate
terrorizer – fear of napalm
morbid angel – lord of all fevcers & plague
deicide – fuck your god
dagoba – face the colossus
the crown – crowned in terror
bloodbath – soul evisceration
bolt thrower – no guts, no glory


jungle rot – consumed in darkness
vader – angel of death
neaera – armamentarium
coffins – decapitated crawl
necros christos – tormented flesh on the mount of crucifixion
undergang – opslugt af morket
cannibal corpse – i cum blood
suffocation – blood oath
dying fetus – panic amongst the herd
devourment – fed to the pigs
bösedeath – you can’t spell funeral without fun
placenta powerfist – sphincter baptization
torsofuck – raped by elephants
last days of humanity – teste of vomiting maggots
brodequin – ambrosia

Der Dominator

Macabre – Fatal Foot Fetish
Brujeria – Revolucion
Rotten Sound – Void
Afgrund – Noone Gives A Fuck Any More
Anal Cunt – Branscombe Richmond
Nasum – Shadows
Nails – Traitor
Napalm Death – Sink Fast, Let Go
Organ Dearler – An Ending
Blood – Auto-Cannibalism
Repulsion – Festering Boils
Agathocles – Anarchistic Spectrum Disorder
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Agorapocalypse Now
Satan’s Revenge On Mankin – We Come To Eat You
Martyrdöd – Död Ät Vek Punk
Crude Ss – Chaos
Abgesang – Schattenzug
Lifelover – Androider
Anaphylaxie – Pestarzt
Truppensturm – Amongst 10.000
Horna – Vala Pedolle
Nytktalgia – Nyktalgia
Behexen – By The Blessing Of Satan
Förgjord – Maailuna Palaa
Woods Of Infinity – Mörkrädd
Akercocke – A Colour Called Black
Brodequin – Spinning In Agony
Extermination Dismemberment – Serial Urbicide
Devourment – Babykiller
Dying Fetus – Grioesque Impalement
Hate Eternal – King Of All Kings
Carach Angren – Blood Queen
Camulos – Armee Der Finsternis
Carpathian Forest – He’s Turning Blue
Dark Funeral – Open The Gates
Setherial – Satan’s Realm
Apocalyptic Fire – The End
Dopethrone – Scum Fuck Blues
Batushka – Yekteniya 7
Inquisition – Crush The Jewish Prophet
Baptism – Scattered Remains
Der Weg Einer Freiheit – Zeichen
Terrorizer – Enslaved By Propaganda
Cryptopsy – Carrionshine
Analepsy – Rifts Of Abhorrence
Bacteremia – Endless Apetite For death
Skinless – Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead
Insect Warfare – Manipulator
Japanische Kampfhörspiele – Supermacht
Bolt Thrower – World Eater

DJ Ginger

full of hell – bound sphynx
transient – bottom feeder 
slund – numb and sick
whoresnation – circle 9
justus ist zu langsam zum 10 Lieder
revenge – humanity roosed
archgoat – desecration 
aaskereia – aaskereia
grabplaymobil in ledermantel
falkenbach – when gjallarhorn will sound
dark fortress – pilgrim of the nightly spheres
nehemah – nehemah in vulva infernum

Helge Schneider – Sommer, Sonne, Kaktus!

Coreknaben, 11.04.19

Coreknaben mit DJ Wal der Qual


In Flames – Come Clarity
Mercenary – Embrace the Nothing
Scar Symmetry – The Anomaly
Sonic Syndicate – All About Us
Architects – The Bitter End
Dead Like Juliet – Stranger Shores
Heaven Shall Burn – Hunters Will Be Hunted
Bury Tomorrow – The Age
Parkway Drive – The Void
Dead By April – Warrior
Trivium – Strife
While She Sleeps – Haunt Me
Slipknot – Vermillion
Knocked Loose – All my Friends


Korn – Here to Stay
Desolated – Death by My Side
Attila – Pizza
Disturbed – Stricken
Bum Dem Out – Bloodsucker Part 2
LANDMVRKS – Blistering
System of a Down – Toxicity
Thy Art is Murder – Whore to a Chainsaw
All That Remains – Forever in Your Hands
The Red Shore – The Seed of Annihilation
Falling in Reverse – Losing my Life, Losing my Mind
I Prevail – Rise Above It
The Ghost Inside – Dark Horse
Dealer – Grotesque
Protest the Hero – Underbite


Crown the Empire – Johnny’s Revenge
Nasty – Liebe
Beartooth – Bad Listener
Suicide Silence – You Only Live Once
The Word Alive – Life Cycles
Dead Nerves – Brain Bleed
Nasty – At War with Love
Lionheart – The Bend Before The Break
Varials – Anything to Numb
Attila – Party with the Devil
Rise Against – Savior
Annotations Of An Autopsy – Welcome To Sludge City
Architects – Early Grave
Whitechapel – The Somatic Defilement
Within Destruction – D E A T H W I S H
Fit For A King – Bitter End
Polaris – Regress


Rise Of The Northstar – Here Comes The Boom
Expire – Abyss
Crossfaith – Daybreak
Parkway Drive – Prey
Bury Tomorrow – 301
Bring me The Horizon – Throne
Knocked Loose – The Rain
As I Lay Dying – Nothing Left
Hatebreed – Destroy Everything
Imminence – The Sickness
I Prevail – Bow Down
Wage War – Don’t Let Me Fade Away
Rise of the Northstar – Samurai Spirit
Thy Art is Murder – The Purest Strain of Hate
Stick To Your Guns – Married To The Noise
Acranius – Ghetto Brawl
The Ghost Inside – Engine 45
Beartooth – The Lines

Samstag, 06.04.

DJ Ginger


Ahab – the Sermon
Pesthammer – gathering of the hordes of madness
coffins – the cracks of doom
necros christos – black mass desecration
asphyx – Eisenbahn Mörser
bolt thrower – world eater
jungle rot – gasping for air
suffocation – blood oath
aborted – necro eroticism
keitzer – as the world burns
cannibal corpse – ecstasy in decay
defeated sanity – consumed by repugnance
devourment – unleash the carnivore
dying fetus – grotesque impalement


benighted – asylum cave
full of hell – gnawed flesh
mörser – kirchgang
anal cunt – if you don’t like the village people you’re
anal trump :
– You Gotta Treat Em Like Shit 
– PTSD Is Gay 
– Some Mexicans Aren’t Rapists 
– I Like the Soldiers Who DON’T Get Captured 
– My Daughter Is a Piece of Ass 
– Poor People Are Too Stupid to Get a Loan from Their Parents 
– There’s My African American! 
– Blood Coming Out of Her Wherever 
– Mexican Judges Don’t Count 
– Journalism Is Gay 
– I’d Date My Daughter 
– Grab Em By the Pussy 
– Take His Coat 
– Breast Feeding Is Gay 
– Ted Nugent Is Cool 
– Dave Mustaine Is Cool 
– Donald Trump Tower Has the Best Taco Bowls 
– Poll Watcher 
– Some Things Saddam Hussein Did Well 
– Changing Diapers Is Gay 
– Build That Wall 
– Alex Jones Is Smart 
– I’m In Astonishingly Excellent Health 
– Stay In Your Pens 
– 9/11 Was Inconvenient for Me, Personally 
– Make America Great Again 
– Nobody Respects Women More Than Me 
– Harriet Tubman Is, Like, a 3 
– I Demand An Apology! 
– That Makes Me Smart! 
Maruta – absolutist
terrorazor – altars of obscenity
Transient – swallowing androcles
meth leppard – krokodil dundee
blood – amputition
terrorizer – enslaved by propaganda
napalm death – c.s.
disrupt – god fearing citizen
crude ss – bullying a nation
wolfbrigade – web of lies
skitsystem – no hope, no future, no second chance
disfear – live the storm 
martyrdöd – hör värld rop
fredag den 13:e – 13 procent
Totalt Jävla Mörker – Rasist i uniform 
Digital Dödsmaskin – Dart 
Anatomi-71 – Samhällsbärarna 
dödsrit – gräva sin egna grav
cyanide – soul erosion

22.00 DJ Metteo

Sielunvihollinen – Kuolonkylväjä
Nyktalgia – Cold Void
Lifelover – Androider
Apati – Morgondagen
Abyssic Hate – The Endless Waves Of Sadness
Zorn – Endloses Leer
Ad Mortem – Bastard Christ
Temple of Oblivion – Im Grünkreuzgraben
Nagelfar – Hetzjagt in Palästina
Norrhem – Among the Ruins


Horn – Ä(H)renschnitter
Antimateria – Kun aukeaa mysteerit kuoleman
Bergrizen – Der Wanderer
Kroda – Heil Ragnarök
Playmobil – Piratenschiff
Schrat – Schwarze Brut
Aaskereia – Aaskereia
Nattfog – Yön Varjoista
Woods of Infinity – World of Lost Innocence


Silencer – The Snow Kill in the Cold
Saligia – Upon he Altar
Bilskirnir – For Victory We Ride
KPN – Dans Ma Nuit

Der Dominator
Nuclear Devastation – Baptised In Hellfire
Kill The Client – Christian Pipebomb
Sewn Shut – Hung By The Balls
Wormrot -Fuck… I’m Drunk
Asphyxiate – 340
Medecophobic – Arterial Spray
Sikfuk – White Castle Shit Dick
Cemetery Rapist – 63 Fag Body Bag
Rompeprop – Swimmin g In Neanderthalers
Anal Grind -Mexicano Fart Machine
Gut – Sperm Positioning
Marduk – Baptism By Fire
Archgoat – Congreagation Of Circumcised
Nattefrost – Satan Is Timeless…
Marduk – …
Anaphylaxie – Der Pestarzt
Organ Dealer – An Ending
Terrorazor – Black Ash
Repulsion – Festering Boils
Satan’s Revenge On mankind – We Come To Eat You
Cock And Ball Torture – Fist Fuck Family

Meh – 1234
Nargaroth – Semper Fi
Gorgoroth – Teeth Grinding
Krieg – Deviant

Freitag, 05.04.19

Freitag, 05. April 2019

DJ Beardless 

Ensiferum – Windrider 
Stormewarrior – Valhalla 
Anhtrax – Panic 
Metallica – All nightmare long 
Rage – Saviour of the dead 
Sabaton – Stalingrad 
Wolfchant – A pagan storm 
Amon Amarth – the pursuit of vikings 
Tarot – Satan is dead 
Judas Priest – Leather Rebel 
Helloween – Raise the noise 
Orden Ogan – Deaf among the blind 


Equilibrium – Blut im Auge 
Die apokalyptischen Reiter – es wird schlimmer 
Battle Beast – Let it roar 
Falconer – a quest for the crown 
Turisas – Stand up and fight 
Enforcer – Speed queen 
Slayer – raining blood 
Sepultura – Border wars 
Lamb of God – Blacken the cursed sun 
Iced earth – reaping stone 
Iron maiden – run to the hills
Rage – Lord of the flies 
Hammerfall – Renegade 
Gloryhammer – The unicorn invasion of dundee 


Megadeth – Peace sells 
Assassin – Assassin 
Iron Maiden – Fear of the dark 
Sabaton – night witches 
Bloodbound – Giants of heaven
Enforcer – Katana 
Disturbed – Decadence 
Stratovarius – Milennium 
Alestorm – Drink 
Korpiklaanii – Vodka 
Savatage – I am 
Helloween – Dr. Stein 
Helloween – I want out 
Manowar – Kings of Metal 
Amon Amarth – Destroyer of the universe 
Powerwolf – Amen & attack 

23:00 DJ Wal der Qual

Beast in Black – No Surrender
Victorius – Legend of the Power Saurus
Burning Witches – Hexenhammer
Avantasia – Book of Shallows
Thornbridge – Ember in the Winter Grove
Blind Guardian – Into the Storm
Visigoth – Dungeon Master
Tengger Cavalry – War Horse
Dark Tranquillity – Terminus
Children of Bodom – Lake Bodom


Norther – Death Unlimited
In Flames – Stand Ablaze
Keep of Kalessin – The Dragontower
Nothgard – Age of Pandora
Dark Oath – Thousand Beasts
Firespawn – Serpent of the Ocean
Tarot – Pyre of Gods
Amon Amarth – Raven’s Flight
Death – Pull the Plug
Judas Priest – United
Lamb of God – Walk with Me In Hell
Misfits – Shining
Kamelot – Liar Liar


Wintersun – Starchild
Stratovarius – Stratofortress
Sodom – Nuclear Winter
Avantasia – Twisted Mind
Edguy – Superheroes
Myrath – Believer
Pagan’s Mind – Into the Aftermath

Make WAr – not love! 30.03.19

Make War Not Love

20:00 DJ Generalfeldmarschall Metteo

Warbringer – Total War
Blasphemophagher – Cult of Nuclear Hell
Minenwerfer – When the Enemy brings the Enlightenment
Judas Iscariot – Spil The Blood of the Lamb, Blitzkrieg Version
Napalm Attack – Apokalypsa
Toxic Holocaust – War is Hell
Temple of Oblivion – Mit vereinten Kräften / Am Isonzo
Bolt Thrower – In Battle there is no Law
Meuchelmord – Schlachtenlärm
Grün ist unser Fallschirm
Schrat – Kriegsgericht
Truppensturm – Obliteration of all Beings
Kommandant – Der Maschinenraum


Flak – Feindfahrt
1914 – Karpathenschlacht (Dezember 1914 – März 1915)
War Master – Bastard Horde
Nuclear Devastation – Slitted Tongues

Dj Panzertroll


Bolt Thrower – Anti-Tank
Kreator – Cry War
Sodom – Bombenhagel
Iron Maiden – The Trooper
Sepultura – Territory
Debauchery – Death Metal Warmachine
Terrorizer – Fear of Napalm
Dying Fetus – One Shot, one Kill


Marduk – Panzer Division Marduk
Negator – Panzer Metal
Cryptic Wintermoon – Bonegrinder 1916
Nagelfar – Fäden des Schicksals
Sargeist – Panzergod
Truppensturm – Flaming Naphta
Temple of Oblivion – From Cairo to the Cape
Deinonychus – MG-34
Riger – Krieg
Marduk – Nebelwerfer
War – Total War
Bolt Thrower – No Guts, no Glory

23:00 Dj Metteo

Temple of Oblivion – Das Wunder von Königgrätz
Conqueror – Bloodhammer
Manowar – Holy War
Nargaroth – Black Metal ist Krieg
Conqueror – War Cult Supremacy
Urgehal – Satanic Black Metal in Hell
Bathory – War
Truppensturm – Black Funeral Pyre
Peußens Gloria 
Impaled Nazarene – Total war – Winter war
Endstille – 1914
Marduk – Frontschwein
Minenwerfer – Second Battle of the Masurian Lakes (Roter Schnee) 


Nattfog – Yön Varjosta (Krieg)

DJ Panzertroll


Größtenteils Geheimsache

Hail of Bullets – Stalingrad
God Dethroned – Storm of Steel
Insect Warfare – Self Termination
Panzerchrist – Schwarz ist unser Panzer
Negator – Der Infanterist
Immortal – Hordes to War
Torsofuck – Elephant Warfare