playlist samstag, 27.07.

20:00 Uhr DJ Zahnfee

Obituary – Chopped in Half
Deicide – Homage for Satan
Rotting Christ – Enuma Elish
Gorefest – A Question of Terror 
Keep of Kalessin – Ascendant
Whorion – Flesh of Gods
Anaal Nathrakh – You can’t save me, so stop fucking trying
Decapitated – Spheres of Madness 
Bloodbath – Mouth of Empty Praise
Cattle Decapitation – Plagueborne 
Dying Fetus – Grotesque Impalement
Dark Fortress – Satan Bled 
Forgotten Tomb – House of Nostalgia

21:00 Uhr 

Lifelover – Svart Galla
Farsot – Thematik Hass
Shining – Ohm (sommar med Siv)
Darkthrone – Dark Thrones and Black Flags
Silencer – The Slow Kill in the Cold
Apati – Morgondagen
Ghost Bath – Happyhouse
Celtic Frost – A Dying God coming into Human Flesh
Paradise Lost – As I Die

22:00 Dj Metteo

Aaskereia – Pestritt zu Hel
Förgjord – Maailma Palaa
Forteresse – Une nuit pour la patrie
Bolt Thrower – No Guts, No Glory
Deletere – Cantus II: Sagina Caedendis
Drowning the Light – The Cult of Shadows
Napalm Death – Hung
Suffocation – My Demise
Kataklysm – The Black Sheep
Conqueror – The Curse


Blasphemophagher – Beyond absolute Chaos
Archgoat – Penis Perversor
Truppensturm – God of Blood
Woods of Infinity – Walking in the Air 
EMM GEH ELL AAH – Exercises in Futility VI
Cannibal Corpse – Pick-Axe Murder
Wormrot – Fick… ich bin betrunken
Disfear – Testament
Ad Mortem – Totenkult
Nécropole – Aurore
Austere – To Fade with the Dusk…
Nyktalgia – Nyktalgia


Sielunvihollinen – Ikuinen musta Iiekki

DJ Don Hugo Armani

righteous pigs – i hope you die in a hotel fire
brodequin – soothsayer
exhumed – dinnertime in the morgue
vomitory regorge in the morgue
fredag den 13:e – 13 procent
devourment – fed to the pigs
napalm death – pride assasin
dismember – massive killing capacity
necrophagist – the stillborn one
Nasum – wrath
Blackmail – shameless hapiness
Alehammer – order of the hobgoblin
the arson project – raped minds
terror revolucionario – slincio mortal
bolt thrower – no guts no glory
gadget – pillars of filth
Martyrdöd – eld dop
strafplanet – verlieretyp
repulsion – radiation sickness
Stillbirth – steuerklasse 1 und keiner sagt danke
terrorizer – enslaved by propaganda
putrid pile – blood fetish
Psycroptic – deprivation


Scalpture – flatened horizons
deiceide – when stan rules his world
archgoat – whore of bethlehem
frightmare – slasher holocaust
Aaskereia – Aus Dem Vereisten Unterholz Verschneiter Wälder
Mgla – presence II
Malokarpatan – Starý z hory, čo zver svoju budzogánem pobil
Woods of Infinity – World of Lost Innocence
Unleashed – the one insane
ultra vomit – jack chirac
ultrawurscht – leberkas mit senf ( hirnfasching version)
Keitzer – panzersohn
afgrund – a future europe in flames
Saligia – Upon he Altar
fortresse – la ou nous allons
Poppy – Scary Mask ft. FEVER 333
macabre minstrels – the cat came back

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