samstag, 20.07.19


DJ Don Hugo Armani

Ratos de porao – thaw
Full of hell – bound sphinx
Purtenance – In the end only death will remain
Systematic death – Red shoes
Violator – Endless tyrannies
Thew arson project – Buried in concrete
Wormrot – evolved into nothing
Terrorizer – riupped to shreds
Nasum – corrosion
Mörkhimmel – Z Cizho Krev Potece
Nuclear devastation – baptised in hellfire
Carpathian forest – the well of all human tears
Woods of desolation – when the frost comes falling down…
Mgla – groza III
Gorgoroth – litani til satan
Impaled nazarene – total war-winter war


Satyricon – king
Vader – devilizer
Bolt thrower – no guts no glory
Dying fetus – grotesque impalement
Vomitory – the ravenous dead
Cannibal corpse – born in a casket
Exhumed – under the knife
Asphyx – MS bismarck
Opeth – harvest
Necros christos – christ was not of goatborn blood
Nux vomica – the invasion
Martyrdöd – antagonisten
Obituary – immortal visions


Krisiun – blind posession
Entombed – morbid devourment
Psycroptic – Merchants of deceit
Necrophobic – cult of blood
Kokomo – Kill the Captain, feed the Fishes

DJ Razakeel

Gratzug – Schwarze Kunst
Mavorim – Leichenfeuer
Waldgeflüster – Herbst befiel das Lnad
Immortal – Solarfall
Behexen – Black Metal baptism
Horna – Vala pedolle
Forteresse – Une nuit pour la patrie
The Kryptic – Darkness purging the Light II
Bergrizen – Der unsterbliche Geist
Burzum – Jesu Dot
Silencer – The Slow Kill in the Cold
Woods of Infinity – Mörkradd
Arckanum -Eldknifer
Lamb of God – Now you’ve got something to die for
Bloodbath – Cry my Name
Dethklok – Murmaider
Nekrogoblikon – Prince of the Land of Stench
Nasum – The black Swarm
Conqueror – Age of Decimation
God Dethroned – Cadavers
Countless Skies – Daybreak
Nargaroth – Abschiedsbrief des Prometheus
Sarkrista – The Lurking Giant
Welicoruss – Kharna
Nattfog – Yön Varjoista
Kroda – Schwarzpfad IV
Förgjord – Maailma Palaa
Kampfar – Valgalderkvad
Kalmah – To the Gallows
The Committee – Man of Steel

DJ Don Hugo Armani

Brain drill – awaiting imminent destruction
Afgrund – a future europe in flames
Wolfbrigade – web of lies
Alehammer – crude chopper
Agathocles -the accident
Melt banana – then red eyed

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