playlist samstag, 13.07.

DreisteneDJ Popov

opeth – deliverance
dödheimsgard – shiva-interfere
vital remains – dechristianize
origin – ubiquitous
morbid angel – destructos vs. earth/attack
vomitory – when silence conquers
kataklysm – as i slither
imperium dekadenz – der dolch im gewande
marduk – funeral dawn
old mans child – in dark endless void
helrunar – … bis die seele gefriert
deicide – to hel with god
dismember – sword of light
soul demise – amnesia
the crown – crowned in terror
carcass – heartwork
macabre – acid bath vampire
enslaved – ruun
thorns – underneath the universe
satyricon – mother north
vreid – ptich black
behemoth – blow your trumpet gabriel
necrophobic – nailing the holy one
nile – lashed to the slave stick
death – empty words
morbid angel – nothiung but fear
deicide – once upon the cross
aurtopsy – ridden with disease
obituary – slowly we rot
dark tranquility – terminus
gojira – backbone
solstafir – pale rider 
bathory – the lake
katatonia – evidence
naglfar – black god aftermath
shining – förtvivlan min arvedel
kataklysm – taking the world by storm
god dethroned – no survivors
illdisposed – jeff
carnifex – hell cose me
nile – sacrifice unto sebek
opeth – demin of the fall
meshuggah – future breed machine
dark tranquility – what only you know
fear factory – archetype
asphyx – the rack
le scrawl – drop dead
bolt thrower – when cannons fade
misery index – ghosts of catalonia

DJ Don Hugo Armani

Cannibal corpse – I cum blood
Exhumed – in the name of gore
Oprth – gost of perdition
Mgla – Groza II
uada – our pale departure
Woods of desolation – when frost comes falling down…
Archgoat – nuns, cunts and darkness
Frightmare – slasher holocaust
Incantation – unheavenly skies
Immolation – a token of madness
Cannibal corpse – evisceration plague
Jungle rot – what horrors await
Obituary – slowly we rot
Medecophobic – torso tetris
Napalm death – suffer the children
Axegrinder – rise of the serpent man
Cranial – towers
ZEUS! – Enemy E Core
Melt Banana – Lefty Dog (Run, Caper, Run)

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