Playlist samstag, 04.05.

Samstag 4.5.19


DJ Crustus

Bolt Thrower – realm of chaos
nile – chapter for transforming into a snake
origin – diseasa called man
dying fetus – pissing in the mainstream
cephalic carnage – observer to the obliteration of the planet earth
incantation – sempiternal pandemonium
death – pull the plug 
cannibal corpse – shredded humans
ahumado granujo – cunt slime
anal cunt – stayin ali9ve
cliteater – the positiv aspect of collective
napalm death as the machine rolls on
exhumed – decrepit crescendo
nasum – old and tired
neurosis – from where its roots run 
the dillinger escape plan – the running road
today is the day – sadness will prevail
coalesce what happens on the road always comes home
deceased – a verry familliar stranger
amorphis – northern lights
soilent green – it was just an accident
burnt by the sun – you will move
luddite clone – athropod


pig destroyer – delusional 
agoraphobic nosebleed – ceramic godprodukt
– organ donor
regurigate – parade of the decapitated midgets
vile – path to incineration
exhumed – open the abcess
moritican – chainsaw dismemberment
nasum – the system has failed again
bongzilla – gestation
the dillinger escape – the mullet burden
today is the day – the man who loves to hurt himself
brutal truth – pass some down
mortician gouse by the cemetary
blood duster – ihategirlsandcrustypunx
human remains – chewed up and spit out
disrupt – religion is a fraud
phobia – sickening discretion
flesh parade – coping with it
anal cunt – radio hit
general surgery – crimson conserto
suffocation -infecting the crypts


exit-13 – societally provoked genocidal contemplation
disembowlement – excoriate

DJ Don Hugo Armani

Cocaine piss – average romance

disfear – maps of war
Wolfbrigade – comalive
Fredag den 13:e – paria
Lautsrürmer – i want you
Nuclear deavastation – baptised in hellfire
Maruta – devoid of allegiance
Napalm death polluted minds
Keitzer – as the world burns
Afgrund – a future europe in flames
Extreme noise terror – bullshit propaganda
Leng tcg’e – another hit single
Nashgul – la plaga
haemorrhage – oozing molten gristle
Rotten sound – targets
unholy grave – waves of death
Aborted – nailed through her cunt
Bacteremia – assertive prototypes of war
Nuclear vomit – vomitophobia
Razor Rape – castration by children
Dying fetus – grotesque impalement
Playmobil – Piratenschiff


CBT – enema bulldozer
Captain cleanoff – adidas
Jig-ai – samurai gay party
Last days of humanity- Hacked into red mush
gut – cuntshredder
Stoma – feasting on a vegan cadaver
Hemdale – tribute to anal cunt because we think they’re cool
Anal Cunt – I Got An Office Job For The Sole Purpose Of Sexually Harassing Women
Anaal natthrakh – more of fire than blood
Wiegedood – svanesang
Mgla – Groza I
Mayhem – my death
Martyrdöd – klassfienden
Cloud rat – daisies
Lautstürmer – freizeitstress
Melt banana – red data, red stage
Vital remains – at war with god


DJ Dominator

Fuck You All!!!

Skinless – The Optimist
Crytopsy – Open Face Surgery
Devourment – Fed To The Pigs
Defeated Sanity – Consumed By Repugnance
Gorgoroth – Aneuthasia
Burzum – Belus Död
Nargaroth – Black Metal Ist Krieg
Werbung – Hier könnte Ihr Song Stehen
Mayhem – Freezing Moon
Verdunkeln – Der Quell
Marduk – Panzer Division
Bathory – Baptised In Fire And Ice

– Shortest Playlist This Evening – 

– Fuck You All!!! – 

Impaled Nazrene – Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Marduk – Panzer Division Marduk
Desaster – Teutonic Steel
Terrorazor – The Fouling
Wolfbrigadfe – Web Of Lies
Fredag Den 13:e – Mera Gift
Archgoat – Nuns, Cunts & Darkness
Martyrdöd – Skakar Av Skräck
Crude Ss – Vad Jäger Och Vad Du Gör
Disrupted – Trapped
Organ Dealer – An Ending
Righteous Pigs – I Hope You Die In A Hotel Fire
Satan’s Revenge On Mankind – We Come To Eat You
Sewn Shut – Rerduced To Nothing
Kill The Client – Christian Pipebomb
Agathocles – A For Arrogance
Mörser – Hohe Schule
Impetigo – Boneyard
Gadget – Choice Of A Lost Generation
Blood – Dogmatize
Unholy Grave – Free From Fear
Last Days Of Humanity – Equal Pleasures In The Realms Of Dehumanisation
Repulsion – Acid Bath
Nails – I Will Not Follow
Nasum – The Final Sleep
Afflictive Emasculation – Cognito Fit Chaos

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